Author: Hamish McNeilly

Middle-aged women pre-loading on wine are causing issues at Dunedin concerts, police say. 

In an effort to crackdown on drunkenness, evident before the Six60 concert held at Forsyth Barr Stadium earlier this year, city officials have introduced a temporary liquor ban around the stadium.

That comes as 30,000 punters are expected to attend Fleetwood Mac playing under the roof on Saturday night.

Alcohol harm prevention officer, Sergeant Ian Paulin, had a message for those who pre-loaded and turned up intoxicated: "You won't get in."

Concert-goers are urged not to pre-load and become intoxicated in Dunedin, or they will be denied entry to Fleetwood Mac.

Examples from previous Dunedin concerts showed the problems of intoxicated punters was predominantly middle-aged women "who drink a bottle of wine and misjudge their pre-loading", he said.

Those concertgoers, often detected by security for "teetering" at the queues, were denied entry.

Those women often got aggressive, but they needed to understand the venue was licensed premise and intoxication was not allowed, Paulin said.

Stevie Nicks on stage for Fleetwood Mac in Auckland.

Security personnel would assess people prior to arriving at the gates, he said.

To help counter people pre-loading, a 24-hour liquor ban has been introduced around the stadium from Saturday at noon.

That includes a large part of Anzac Ave, Union St and Logan Park Dr.

Paulin said there would be signs to encourage people to empty any alcohol and dispose of the containers. Anyone who breached the bylaw was liable for a fine of $250.

Gates for the concert open at 6pm, with the band expected on stage at 8pm.

The NZ Transport Agency issued a statement noting that a third of all ticket holders were travelling from Christchurch, and State Highway 1 was expected to be busy.

Peak travel period was expected between 3pm- 6.30pm on Friday, and from 10am on both Saturday (into Dunedin) and Sunday (away from Dunedin).

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