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It was a good day, I didn't have work and it wasn't raining. I was going to go for a ride, the Duke was looking all pretty with freshly painted panniers. Our support car was loaded, so lets go.

The day started by our friends up the road knocking on the door all ready to go... Then Izzy receives a phone call and was hoping it was the bike shop saying they have a jacket for her. They did so a good start for the weekend. So we quickly organise a meet point, while I loaded the bike and got into my riding gear. Quickly riding through town onto the one-way system I see Bernie waiting outside MCR. So I pull up beside and wait with him as Izzy gets her new jacket.

The weather supposed to be warm and already at this time in the morning, I was starting to feel it. The next stop was the organised meet point, to meet up with the support car and to top up with petrol. We quickly organised another meet point where we will stop for lunch which so happens to be "Max's Dinner" on the north end of Oamaru. We sent the support car ahead, knowing we will catch her...The ride up was uneventful. It was warm and clear skies. We caught up and past the support car at Palmerston as Paula our driver had a quick pit stop...

But now the warm had turned in to, well that is damn warm, and that is while I am moving...

I started to notice that it was getting warmer, not a problem. Stopping at "Max's Dinner", we waited for the support vehicle to arrive which was only a couple of minutes behind us and then had a bite to eat and some liquid as it was warm, and we didn't want to dehydrate. We then said next stop outside the Night & Day in Temuka.

But now the warm had turned in to, well that is damn warm, and that is while I am moving... coming into Timaru we started to really feel the heat. As we got closer to the CBD we noticed the traffic looked a little bit heavier than normal and was starting to back up and come to a standstill. Police directing traffic (That's never good) and it was chaos. I was sweating like a pig and watching the temp gauge slowly rise. Thinking if it hits 121 she cuts out... Finally getting through Timaru and meeting up at Temuka, we hear that is was a truck vs pedestrian... wonder who won. cry  That is all I know about that and hope the pedestrian makes a speedy recovery.

So Winchester, where the rally is being held, is just up the road a few KM's... let's go. 

We get to the site and pay our entry fee, as well ask for the quad bike and trailer to unload the support vehicle of our gear and take it to the campsite. By now the temperature is hot, and I am starting to overheat, but still had to make camp, put up the tent and put some actual air in the airbeds. This process didn't take that long and before we know we were sitting and relaxing, drinking my first bourbon for the afternoon.

Camp Nighthawk.NZ and his Ducati ST4s
2002 Ducati ST4s looking all pretty and sexy at the Magpie Madness Bike Rally 2019


Campsite Ducati and the Vulcan...

Had a quick walk around and being the Friday the bulk of people will turn up on Saturday. Meeting up with some old friends I had not seen in a while down from Christchurch, which I thought they were coming down on Saturday, so had extra time with them which was great... 

Tent city and the Magpie

On into the evening and the band and entertainment started, and the bands weren't that bad, actually pretty good. We had food, from Hell's Pizza, to Bacon Butties, burgers and more... And we partied on...

Partied to all hours in the morning, and staggered back to my tent around 2 am, only to find that Paula's airbed had a leak. Now we did test these, we blew them up on Tuesday and they were fine on the Thursday evening when we packed them. So quickly finding the pump we pushed more air into the bed and then started snoring chopping many trees down with our chainsaws...

"Fuck this shit  I am buying a stretcher..."

Opening the tent door in the morning, looking out my first thought was, where did that weather come from, drizzle, not rain, it was more like heavy droplets of fog without the actual fog, but all in all nothing to really be worried about, it was just a stark difference from yesterday heat.

I was a little bit ... let's say queasy but had some breakfast, a drink of coffee and I was good to go again. Checking with Paula about the airbed, nope the air bed had done its dash. Paula being Paula basically said, "Fuck this shit  I am buying a stretcher..." So quickly looking online to see what we could get "buy one get second at half price" but there is only had a limited number... and... Paula was gone... laughing

Since Timaru was just down the road, she was not gone for too long, and we set the new stretchers up and started to just chillaxing and watch as more people arrive. My friends from Christchurch decided to go for a ride. Me being slightly queasy decided it would be best if I don't. 

As the morning started to turn to the afternoon, it did start to warm up a little, but nothing like Friday and the event organisers started to put the afternoon activities on. I decided since the Ducati is looking prettier than normal I put her in the bike show. I didn't win anything but I was surprised how many people gave her a good looking over pointing out this and that.

Bike show (you can just see the Duke on the left there)

The activities from the Mechanical Bull, Sumo Wrestling and Catching the Sausage, as well as various stalls opening, from handcrafted jewelry to clothing and camping & bike gear so there were quite a few things on... and things to buy.

Mechanical Bull
Sumo Wrestling

Overall a lot of fun was had. However I was getting hungry and I decided I wanted Pizza, and it just so happens Hell's pizza was just there.

Later in the evening, the fire pit was started and the band started playing and couple of bourbons were drunk. Know I had to ride home tomorrow so unlike some I took it easy on Saturday and did my hard party on Friday night not the Saturday. 

Next was the prize-giving for the bike show, and no I didn't win anything, didn't expect to win anything either, then the Tattoo show followed by more music and Wet-Tshirt as well as the titty show... I mean it is a bike rally after all. Normally during the Wet-T you're not supposed to bare them, that is for the titty show lol... 

I decided to call it a night and but first needed a quick bite to eat, and got a bacon buttie and wandered off to the tent for a snooze. 

Climbing into my sleeping bag, quickly check phone and put on charge (we have battery pack chargers) and quickly nodded off.

The next morning, well it was warmer than yesterday but not as hot as Friday this is good. While Paula got coffee and started to pack and disassemble the tent. Paula also could bring the car on-site and we loaded it up with our gear. We chatted for a bit said our good-byes see yah next time and we were off. 

First stop the Duke needed some Go-Go juice so Temuka it was, quick filler-up and decided just to go.  Most of the ride was uneventful but this one incident, where a car following a pickup/ute truck decided to indicate left to turn off ... but instead of turning off he used the turning bay as a passing lane and past the truck on the outside, nearly going off-road... why he did this I do not know because just around the corner was a passing lane.???

We kept heading south stopping in Hamden for a bite to eat and a stretch and then headed for Dunedin which was uneventful...

Overall an awesome weekend was had, good friends, and food, entertainment... and enjoyed my ride there and back. I had fun... Somehow I think we have been talked into going to the VCR next year.

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