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2019 - 2020 was a busy year for the NZDF and MoD with various procurements and upgrades for our defence for. The report shows a lot more about the what was going on behind the scenes including any impact Covid-19 had on the said project. 

ie; various projects had minor delays while others it was on schedule. The ANZAC frigate upgrade programme had minor delays. 

The VSL and Fleet Maintenance Facility operations were affected by operating restrictions as a result of the pandemic. A number of the crew of Te Kaha were repatriated to New Zealand in March 2020 as work was scaled back, however they were able to return in June to support the trials programme. As VSL’s shipyard has been able to remain open throughout the pandemic, Te Mana’s upgrade has continued, although at reduced efficiency.

The lockdown and pandemic responses resulted in some delays with the The Network Enabled Army (NEA) Programme which may continue if vendors are not able to find suitable options for conducting design and delivery activities in New Zealand. 

Most ongoing projects like the procurement of the C-130-30 Super Hercules and the Boeing P-8A Poseidon programmes are currently not affected by the pandemic.

The full report can be downloaded here

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