Author: Hudson Institute

Hudson Institute hosted Capt. James Fanell, former director of intelligence for the U.S. Pacific Fleet, for a discussion on the implications of the expanding global presence of the Chinese navy, specifically in the South China Sea. The discussion was moderated by Director of Hudson’s Center for American Seapower Seth Cropsey.

Recent naval expansion and modernization efforts by China have increasingly challenged the U.S. Navy in the Asia-Pacific region. New long-range anti-ship missiles, military modernization, and the continued armament of islands in the South China Sea are evidence of China’s strategic aspirations in the region. With its newfound naval strength, China has become increasingly aggressive towards Taiwan and other key states in the region and has escalated tensions with the U.S. by denying access to its regional allies. Capt. Fanell will discuss these efforts by China and the steps the U.S. can take to ensure necessary access to the region. - Captured Live on Ustream at


Note from Nighthawk.NZ:

 An older video but interesting.

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