I’ve been on the look-out for the best arguments why CO2 is NOT causing climate change. Here’s the best one I’ve found to date along with some counter-arguments and evidence. It looks at whether CO2 is saturated in the atmosphere and more CO2 will now make minimal additional impact on warming.

We get into the science at a molecular level on this one! The Mallen Baker Show is aimed at all people who see themselves as change makers, with commentary on issues and change movements with a particular focus on climate change and environment, social issues, free speech and corporate social responsibility.

Do the climate scientists at NOAA and NASA fake the data for US temperatures to turn an actual cooling trend into a fake warming trend? Climate sceptic Tony Heller thinks so. One of the most common themes in his videos is that scientists create fraudulent data by adjusting the real figures in the name of 'climate alarmism'. But is he right? Are the adjustments just a way of getting the result they want for their own purposes - or are there more valid explanations? Because it rather matters - doesn't it?

Note from Nighthawk.NZ:

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