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A Destiny Church sign has raised concerns those seeking a COVID-19 test might be put off.

A testing station run by the Counties-Manukau District Health Board is in the Destiny Church car park on Druces Rd, Wiri.

Next to it is a digital sign which reads: "Don't forget the vaccine of faith, hope & love." 

Enraged social media users said the controversial church's leaders are "dangerously indoctrinating our people once again".

"Nice to see Hannah and Brian Tamaki dangerously indoctrinating our people once again," one person posted on Instagram. "Is there anywhere else that can accommodate this testing station?"

Church matriarch Hannah Tamaki this week announced she will not have a COVID-19 vaccine.

"Everything in your life is a choice… make sure you choose for yourself, not be talked into something you are not happy to do. I'm not taking the vaccine… that's my choice," she wrote on Facebook.

Speaking to host Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk, Tamaki explained why she made this decision.

"You want to know why I won't take it? Because when I was six years old, the polio vaccine came out and a boy in my class actually contracted polio and from then to now, I've actually been very anti-vaccines," she said on Thursday.

"Now that's my choice," she added.

"I have said to many of our people, I go, 'you know what? You make a decision for you. That's not up to me, you do whatever you want.'"

No vaccine is 100 percent effective. Most of the COVID-19 vaccines approved for use to date have efficacy rates at or above 90 percent according to trial data, far more effective than those distributed each year for influenza. 

The Ministry of Health will support members of the public who may be hesitant about getting a vaccine.
The Ministry of Health will support members of the public who may be hesitant about getting a vaccine. Photo credit: Getty

Asked about Tamaki's refusal to take the vaccine, Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said there are people who have clearly stated their intention.

"Look I think there are people - and here's someone - who has clearly stated their intention not to get the vaccine," Dr Bloomfield said on Thursday.

"They may change their mind, but there are also many many New Zealanders - and I'm one of them - who have clearly stated their intention to get the COVID vaccine.

"And we're seeing already a marvellous response from our border workforce who are protecting, not just themselves but the rest of us."

The Ministry of Health told Newshub it will continue to support members of the public who may be hesitant about getting a vaccine.

"The Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, has a communications and engagement approach to support the vaccine and immunisation programme rollout, which will focus on providing information to those people who are about to be offered a vaccination.

"The Ministry will support DHBs to engage with people who may be hesitant about getting a vaccine."

Newshub has contacted Destiny Church for comment.

Note from Nighthawk.NZ:

 Man I hate Brian Tamaki and Destiny church...

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