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So welcome to Nighthawk.NZ it is a place where I Nighthawk well, yeah it’s just a blog where I talk crap... I will talk on any topic from my hobbies of woodworking & motorcycling to politics, religion, defence, and other touchy subjects, I will even talk on the flat earth and other conspiracies... and to my thoughts on things in general. The site itself will be a sort of organised chaos... that will constantly change and evolve.

There will be news on a variety of topics, there will be humour, cartoons & meme's on a variety of topics, and there will be news and info, my blogs on a variety of topics. There is also going to be Freeware links and my music links. The front or home page will constantly and dynamically have new info displayed as articles, stories, blogs and memes are added. I will be covering New Zealand's defence, and a variety of other topics and hobby's.

Always see what category the article is in and what website it came from. That will give you a clue if it is serious or a piece of real news.

But eventually, the part that I am looking forward to is the forums... While I am not going to be too PC about things there will be still some rules, as long as if you are not breaking the law... 



Be pre-warned, I will take the piss out of anyone, on any topic and any subject. So if you are easily offended then this site is probably not really for you.
I am sick and tired of the Politically Correct world we live in. Sick of the nanny state that New Zealand has turned into. Well, we will have some fun on this site then won't we...
By the way, I don't give a rats arse about your namby-pamby feelings or if I am politically incorrect, I don't care if you got offended. So what if you do, grow some balls and welcome to the real world.

So if you easily get offended this site probably not going to be for you. But if you are easily wound up on subjects in general, then stick around and give me time to wind you up.

So I will be trying to find some weird and wonderful stories from the web, some weird and wonderful blogs I have for my general out and about life in general, and there will be my thoughts and processes, from political to general stuff that effects me. I will also cover Defence and my other hobbies.

Eventually, when the forums come on line we can have some general fun and talk about a variety of topics... I just have to work out how we will achieve this and still keep it a fun and entertaining website to visit. But my warning stands...

I won't be PC or politically correct about most things and I don't give a shit.


Articles, posts, opinions, views and especially the humour expressed on this website are not necessarily the opinion of the website owner "www.nighthawk.nz" or that of anyone that works for "www.nighthawk.nz". Many of the articles and opinions are purposely written to cause controversy as well as to start talking on the subject.


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