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An anti-vaccine protester has thrown a menstrual cup containing a blood-like substance on the floor of the California State Senate.

The potentially used menstrual cup was thrown from the upstairs balcony, splashing several lawmakers seated in the California Senate chamber in Sacramento. 

Opinion: The activist reportedly yelled "That's for the dead babies" as they tossed the feminine hygiene product on Friday (local time).

"Those babies' blood is on your hands... My blood is on the floor," the woman allegedly stated as she was arrested.

The Senate was evacuated following the protest, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"It hit Sen. Hurtado and landed on some of the senators' desks," tweeted Capitol Bureau Chief and journalist Ben Adler.

Rebecca Dalelio, 43, has been arrested on six charges including assault, vandalism and disorderly conduct following the incident.

According to Slate, a number of activists have targeted the state Capitol in recent weeks to protest legislation that would seek to restrict medical exemptions for vaccinations.

"The anti-vaxxer stalkers - who've engaged in a harassment campaign all week - dropped a red substance on the Senate floor... dousing several of my colleagues," tweeted California state Senator Scott Wiener.

"These anti-vaxxers are engaging in criminal behaviour," he continued.

"They've now repeatedly assaulted Senators and are engaging in harassing and intimidating behaviour every single day, as we try to do the people's work."

The State Senate reconvened a few hours later in a separate committee hearing room as the chamber remained a crime scene. 

A few legislators went home to shower after the liquid splashed their backs and heads.

Although it has not yet been confirmed what the red substance was, authorities told the Los Angeles Times it "appeared to be blood".

Dalelio was released from Sacramento County Jail on Saturday morning (local time).

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