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So... social distancing, lockdown, quarantine, all because we are all treating each other like a disease-ridden zombies. Sounds rough but if you treat everyone else like they have COVID-19 and they are treating you like you have it, then it is an easy mindset to keep your distance.

Please take note of this article with some humour while it is dark humour it is making fun of the situation we now see ourselves in as we are all being treated like zombies. But the underlying message is important. We can beat it, and we will beat it... just beat it... errr there is a song in that somewhere?

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The rules are simple and that is to stay at home, only go to the CBD to get essentials, like medical, food and supplies and other essentials. But if you don’t need to go into town then don’t and if you do have to go out, keep your distance from other zombies.

Many other essential services will be delivery only and or will be able to do essential repairs, ie; if your water cylinder dies, but while the other repair zombie is in your house, you have to remember he thinks you are a zombie as well.

One thing to remember we are all in this together, and we all need to keep calm, and remember zombies don’t hurt other zombies... they only spread it to those that remain human. But if we keep to the rules that are set out so we can beat this and what I know in my kiwi zombie remains of a heart is, that Kiwis in general can and will beat this.

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One has to remember that this has never been done before on such a large scale, so we are going to have a few bumps along the way and the Central Government are going to make some mistakes here and there. But, here we need to be patient and work through this together.

You can still go for a zombie walk, and or zombie run although I am not sure I have really seen zombies run so I am not sure how that works. You can still take your zombie dog for a walk around the block. Just remember to keep that spacing of social distancing. And more importantly, when you get home, wash your hands. Wash hands regularly. I mean as a zombie I don’t want those human germs and gawd knows what that would do.

Most importantly we need to keep our Kiwi sense of humour. The morning of the lockdown, my first Facebook post of the day;

Day 631 in quarantine... I am losing track of days... I think cabin fever is kicking in...”

My friends will get the joke, as I usually have no idea what day it is anyway.

So while in lockdown how do we keep our mind active, without getting cabin fever because social media like Facebook Reddit, Instagram and Twitter can only do so much and if you have rugrat zombies you really don’t want them on the computer all day else they will become a different level of zombie and we don't want that.

If you are a maker like, a woodworker or into art & crafts, into sewing and quilting or, baking then go make something. 

Do things like gardening and the little things around the house that need to be done, if you can because remember the DIY like Bunnings and Mitre10Mega, PlaceMakers stores are all shut. Many people bought all the stuff beforehand so they could do the projects. 

With kids make sure you get them using the wee zombie brain try to come up with some inventive games to keep them active as well as keeping the brains from becoming the next level of zombie, get them helping with the little projects you have going on, baking and cooking, try making it fun and educational at the same time. You have an opportunity here to spend quality time with your kids make the most of it.




I wonder how long before the movie gets made... but with the respawning of the dead to zombie angle (yeah a B-grade movie)... I give it till 2022

So what will the name of this movie be called?

* Covid-Z
* CoronaZombie
* Covid Respawn
Write your movie idea below...

At the end of the day, the message is this, we are all in this together and we need to unite together from a distance and not to close to beat this. If we all do our part we can and will get through this... and we will look back and say I remember when...

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