The measles outbreak has taken another turn today, with 804 cases now confirmed in Auckland this year.

It's the worst outbreak in 22 years, and has sparked a national response by the Government.

It is also raising questions about whether there should be more incentives to get people to vaccinate.

Australia is currently lauding the success of its "no jab, no pay" policy. In the past year, the families of 350,000 Australian children were told they risked losing benefit payments if they didn't get their children's immunisations up to date.

A whopping 174,000 extra children were vaccinated as a result.

Act party leader David Seymour told Andrew Dickens he'd support a similar move this side of the ditch.

He says a really simple obligation is to give your kids the basics of life and do your civic duty to stop epidemics such as measles.

The MP says schools have an obligation to maintain the health and safety of students and staff.

He says he's had principals calling him saying the Ministry of Education is telling them they can't tell a student to stay home even if they know they have measles.


Note from Nighthawk.NZ:

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